Malaysian International Criterium Race

Venue & Exhibition Logistics
Secretariat Services

Blue Ridge

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  • OB trucks and mobile units

  • OB truck builds

  • Live workflow equipment

  • Event Communication

OB truck and mobile units

Our trucks and mobile units are equipped with the most advanced HD and 4k technology available, readt to be developed anywhere in the world .Spec the package that suits you best,from options includeing logistics,equipment rental,systems integration and world-class crew

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OB truck builds

Our systems integration team work with specialist vechile manufactures to oversee the design and build of clinets own OB trucks.We can design and build any type of vechile or mobile unit,from rigid and expando trucks to remote production and 'At Home' veichles,to small xamera units and pods

Live WorkFlow equipment

Our kit enables fast,agile and seamless workflow whether your're dealing with two cameras channels or 20.We have one of the largest ES arsenals in the world - includeing multiple XT-VIA live production servers-all running the latest Multicam 16.00 operating system.

Even communications

Event commui=nications pckages to suit any outside broadcast,anywhere in the world,from the smallest two-way radio hire to a multivenue,multiplatform solution.

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